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Alumnae (emeritae) is plural female. Jane and Mary are alumnae. Jane and Mary are emeritae. Alumni (emeriti) is plural male and plural when both men and women are included. John, Jane and Mary The first sentence uses the word alumna to show that a female graduate of the local high school won the lottery.

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Once a grad, always a grad. On, Wisconsin! Of the four words you mentioned, alumni is used far more than any of the others- even in reference to a single person, male or female. 10-Jan-2012, 14:36 #3 Barb_D 2016-05-16 · alumnus / alumni. We used to have “alumnus” (male singular), “alumni” (male plural), “alumna” (female singular) and “alumnae” (female plural); but the latter two are now popular only among older female graduates, with the first two terms becoming unisex.

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The portrait of Margaret, the Lady Thatcher has returned to William in 1998 and purchased with the support of alumnus J. Bruce Bredin '36. Members of the Alumni Network are invited to present nominees. the unknown within her/his working field to elect one woman and one man.

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Mar 2, 2020 Sanitary Aid for Everyone, an alumni and student-led research group, is working to create a biodegradable sanitary pad to help women without  The Girl Scout organization has shaped the lives of the majority of female senior executives and business owners, two-thirds of women in Congress, and virtually   Oct 9, 2020 Former BYU All-American Ashley Hatch was invited to the U.S. Women's National Team training camp that will take place later this month. Women of LGO: WLGO, founded in 2007, is an alumni forum dedicated to maintaining ties among female students and graduates.

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Ashley started gymnastics at the age of 18 months in a Mom & Me Class, and has been flipping around since. She competed in Omaha Nebraska until her sophomore year of high school and then moved to Texas where she … Alumnus is known as the Latin word used for a singular graduate of an institution usually a male. It might be of a school, university or college. "My dad is an alumnus of Cambridge University." Alumni is the plural form of alumnus, obviously meaning a group of male graduates of an institution. Though modern times have changed it to mean graduates of an institution which could be either male or When used in the singular, alumnus (which is a male form in Latin) sometimes refers specifically to a male former student, with alumna being the corresponding female term, but the plural alumni generally refers to pupils or students of either sex.

I would have used “Alumna” instead. Here is the explanation. The noun “alumnus” means a male graduate or former student of a particular university, college, or school. The noun “alumna” means a female graduate or former student of a particular university, college, or school.
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pl. a·lum·nae A woman graduate or former student of a school, (Education) chiefly US and Canadian a female graduate of a school, college, etc [C19: • Whenever she hits town, she enjoys picking with Rozum's fellow Summerdog alumnus Peter McLaughlin. • And that alumnus helped seal the deal.