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Stuga 2576 - Charmig Eco-stuga med mysig sjötomt., Skåne

2017 Ce projet d'avis a fait l'objet d'une phase contradictoire examinée le 21/11/2017. CONCLUSIONS. ALBER VIAMOBIL ECO V14, kit de propulsion  Vežimėlio varytuvas, mod. viamobil V14 Eco - Priemonė vežimėlio stūmimui ir stabdymui Stumti ir stabdyti vežimėlį dabar gali būti ypač paprasta. Į įkalnę ar nuo   16 mei 2014 rolstoel duwhulp Viamobil eco V14. Produkt.

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Pushing and braking your wheelchair can now be as easy as this. Uphill or downhill, on steep ramps, sloping drives or on longer journeys, viamobil eco, the electric pushing and braking viamobil from the wheelchair, stowing it in the boot and getting it ready to go again at the destination is easy and requires no tools or technical skills. “How much does viamobil weigh?” Drive unit: 10.3 kg, Battery: 2.4 kg, Control unit: 0.9 kg viamobil eco is an approved medical device. Your medical supplies dea- viamobil eco. Push and brake aid up to 120 kg. Stairclimbing aids. view all.


Alber Viamobil Eco è la versione semplificata del già affermato Viamobil V25. Si tratta di un dispositivo applicabile alla maggior parte delle carrozzine manuali in   Bez względu na to, czy jedziesz pod górę, czy z góry, na stromych pochylniach, wjazdach lub na dłuższych trasach, viamobil eco - elektryczne wspomaganie  Viamobil eco V14 (max 120 kg). Cross, Cross XL, Cross 5, Cross 5 XL, Twin, M100.

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Viamobil eco

Viamobil eco V14 on helppokäyttöinen työntö- ja jarrutusapu. Se on nopeasti kiinnitettävissä pyörätuoliin ja purettavissa osiin esim. autossa kuljettamista varten. Viamobil econ voi asentaa useimpiin yleispyörätuoleihin. Vakiovarusteena • Akut ja laturi. Lisävarusteena • Asennussetti pyörätuolin mallin ja merkin mukaan viamobil eco combines with most standard wheelchairs and, thanks to its well designed coupling system, attaches easily to the wheelchair without the need for tools. The wheelchair maintains its complete functionality (e.g.

Lisävarusteena • Asennussetti pyörätuolin mallin ja merkin mukaan Alber Viamobil eco V14 (max 120 kg) Cross, Cross XL, Cross 5, Cross 5 XL, Twin, M100 Alber Viamobil V15 Cross, Cross XL (max.120 kg), Transit, Twin, M100 Alber Viamobil V25 (max 160 kg) Cross, Cross XL,Cross 5, Cross 5 XL, M100, Twin, Transit, Prio The VIAMOBIL V25, VIAMOBIL ECO V14 and VIAPLUS V12 are push and brake power pack aids that make the chair easier and safer to operate. These devices are an excellent solution for elderly carers and those who find it difficult to push a wheelchair, as well as … The Alber Viamobil Eco’s intelligent spring system literally smoothes out the road or pathway ahead as it compensates for uneven surfaces easily and effectively. The patented, ergonomic ErgoDrive handlebar control allows for a high degree of intuitive control by the … Brugsvejledning viamobil eco V14 DK Gebruiksaanwijzing viamobil eco V14 NL Istruzioni per l uso viamobil eco V14 IT Damit Schieben einfach wird. Service Center (Deutschland) Montag bis Donnerstag von 8.00 - 18.00 Uhr Freitags von 8.00 - 16.00 Uhr erreichbar unter Telefon (0800) 9096-250 Alber Viamobil eco V14 Cross, Cross XL, Cross 5, Cross 5 XL, Twin, M100, Crissy Swing-Away, Crissy Active Alber Viamobil V15 Cross, Cross XL, Transit, Twin, M100 Alber Viamobil V25 Cross, Cross XL,Cross 5, Cross 5 XL, M100, Twin, Transit, Prio, Crissy Swing-Away, Crissy Active Alber e-fix E35/E36 viamobil eco.

The Viamobil Eco is a push and brake aid for a manual wheelchair. The Viamobil eco has been designed to relieve the strain on the carer and considerably increases the scope and range of activity for user and carer alike.

The viamobil eco is also a viamobil eco – the new easy way to push No matter whether you are traveling uphill or downhill, on steep ramps, entrances or longer routes, viamobil eco, the electric push and brake aid for wheelchairs, helps the attendant to push the wheelchair as required. VIAMOBIL V25 och VIAMOBIL ECO V14 är hjälpmedel som är utmärkta lösningar för att kunna fortsätta komma ut med rullstolsanvändaren i den friska luften. Detta då den hjälper till att skjuta på rullstolen i sin framdrift, men även bromsa i nedförsbackar om man behöver den hjälpen. viamobil eco kan enkelt demonteras till individuella lättvikts komponenter.
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The intelligent spring system of the Viamobil ensures a comfortable and quite ride, automatically compensating for bumps or dips in the road surface, making sure that the wheel always remains safely on the ground. viamobil eco – Die neue Leichtigkeit des SchiebensOb bergauf oder bergab, ob an steilen Rampen, Auffahrten oder bei längeren Wegstrecken: viamobil eco, die e viamobil eco by Alber is built with distinct features to ensure excellent functionality. With the viamobil eco, pushing and braking your folding wheelchair can be done easily.